Patient Education

Education is key in helping patients understand their environmental triggers and how to manage them effectively. We are committed to this crucial portion of the treatment process.

Allergies play a role in many ear, nose, and throat problems. We are pleased to offer allergy testing and treatment as part of your care.

The combination of medical, surgical, and allergy treatments offered under one roof allows us to more quickly choose the most appropriate and least invasive therapy needed. We work closely with primary care physicians, pulmonologists, and allergists to optimize treatment.

Read more about specific allergy topics by clicking on the links below.

Dust-Free Bedroom

Bed with white sheet and pillows

Infiltration of dust into a bedroom is insidious and cannot be controlled by ordinary house cleaning methods.Find out how to keep a dust-free bedroom.

Airborne Allergies

Wild grass with water in the background

In nature, airborne sources of allergens originate with pollens and mold spores.Read about airborne allergies.

Living With It All

Picture of person's hands wearing gardening gloves and holding a small green herb plant

Living with allergies can be miserable for those who suffer from them. Use these tips to improve the quality of your life and health.Learn how to live with allergies.


patient in doctor's office

Allergen immunotherapy is an effective form of treatment for many patients with allergic disease. Learn more about allergen immunotherapy.

Mold Avoidance

Assortment of fall leaves, orange, yellow, red

Mold allergy is similar to pollen allergy in its symptoms and treatment.Read about avoiding mold.

Allergy or Cold?

Woman holding tissue to nose

How can you tell if you have allergic rhinitis or a cold? At first you may think it’s impossible to tell the difference.Find out if it’s a cold or allergy.

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