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Syracuse ENT Surgeons offer comprehensive care of ear, nose, and throat problems in both adults and children.
woman with a sinus headache
Commonly treated problems include:

  • * Sinusitis of adults and children
  • * Nasal obstruction and allergy
  • * Pediatric ear infections
  • * Hearing loss
  • * Thyroid and parathyroid disease
  • * Tonsil and throat illness
  • * Chronic ear and mastoid disease
  • * Voice and swallowing problems
  • * Dizziness
  • * Snoring and sleep apnea

Special Interests

Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Dr. Fung is happy to offer an option for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea for patients who have not been able to tolerate CPAP. The SomnoGuard is an adjustable oral appliance that holds the lower jaw in position and prevents it from collapsing backwards into the airway during sleep. Ask your doctor if the SomnoGuard may be appropriate for you—or for someone keeping you up at night! Note: Insurance coverage is variable for oral appliances. We can check with your insurance company for you prior to fitting an appliance.

Somno Guard images with happy couple in bed, mouthpiece, and illustration of airway

See more information about SomnoGuard.

Sinus Disease: Our conservative approach stresses medical and allergy therapy first, with surgical treatment for resistant cases.

Ear Disease: Chronic disease of the ear, including infections, perforations, cholesteatoma, and otosclerosis.

ENT Allergy

Allergies play a role in many ear, nose, and throat problems. We are pleased to offer allergy testing and treatment as part of your care.

The combination of medical, surgical, and allergy treatments offered under one roof allows us to more quickly choose the most appropriate and least invasive therapy needed. We work closely with primary care physicians, pulmonologists, and allergists to optimize treatment.

zoran minicat CT scanner

MiniCat™ Scanner

Syracuse ENT Surgeons have a MiniCat™ Scanner onsite with 1/5th the radiation of conventional scanners.

Patient Education

Education is key in helping patients understand the treatments we offer and the effect of disease on other aspects of their health. We are committed to this crucial portion of the treatment process. Please see our Patient Education pages.

Hospital Coverage

Dr. Chiles, Dr. Fung, and Dr. Reynders have privileges at Crouse, St. Joseph’s, University, and Community General Hospital. We are also involved in training new physicians at the University Hospital Department of Otolaryngology.

Our Office

  • Syracuse ENT Surgeons
  • 3906 E. Genesee St.
  • Dewitt, NY 13214
  • voice: 315-251-1093
  • fax 315-251-1571

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